Fishing Locations in Singapore.

Introducing Singapore Sea water fishing locations in this page from my humble and poor beach and breakwater fishing experience since 2008.

Collection of the locations may be updated from time to time.

1) Water Break next to Tanah Melar Yacht Club

Day; If you have live prawn, you may be the winner, either cable car, floating or long snood bottom feeder, you may expect unexpected visitor at the end of the line.

Night; similar to the day fishing but dead prawn still have chance. For bottom fishing, you need to prepare for serious earth hook for short distance surf, since long distance surf gives you lesser chance to hook.

Note) “Trespassing Prohibited” signboard was placed by the government recently. This location may be inaccessible soon or later.

2) Water Break both side of Tanah Melar Ferry Terminal

This is good fishing location but officially prohibited for the public to access. Fishing at this location is at your own risk. Night fishing is not recommendable to avoid any accident since this is pretty remote and seldom to see others to appear for both day and night. My best catch sometime ago.

3) Changi Coast Walk small jetty

This is good fishing location too but officially prohibited for the public to access recently. Fishing at this location is at your own risk. Night fishing is not recommendable to avoid any accident since this jetty is pretty rocky and away from public road (often police patrols nearby in the middle of night but I do not think they come into the jetty since the entrance is blocked and accessing to this jetty is only from restaurant private premises only. My best catch sometime ago.

4) East Coast Park beach breakwaters between Changi Coast Walk and ECP 6-Pipes.

I have once tried fishing at one of these breakwaters at night but no catches at that time, just one misery cat fish by my son. Most of the time, angler fish here night to aim stingray or other big catches.

5) ECP 6-Pipes

This is fresh water canal outlet, which means brackish water spot and rich with food for fish, good fishing spot and popular for local anglers. The area is small and only few rods have chance to stand facing to the sea but you may not have chance to secure edge of this short jetty in weekend due to its popularity. Current is fast in front of this jetty and you must control where the sinker is shot, your line is easily touch with this pipe edges and may break by the fast current.  Night fishing here is not recommendable unless group visiting. Fishes you may catch here are, barracuda, stingray, herring, and more.

6) Waterbreak next (east side) to Bedok Jetty

If you are the person who does not want to go back home with empty hand but do not mind small fish, this spot should be one of best. You may have handful of small snappers (avoid off-season such as monsoon) presented during night fishing with some surprise like this; Past_Catch
Good Luck !!

7) Bedok Jetty

If you are the fishing kaki in Singapore, you know this place. Most popular fishing location in Singapore.
Further description, please look for search engine and find site introducing Bedok Jetty fishing.

8) Jetty Pendek

This is the outlet of Siglap Canal, water condition is similar to 6-Pipes but please remember, the jetty is penetrated by the water during high tide and not convenient to enjoy fishing. Personally I do not have chance to fish here but there is a enthusiast who is regular to this spot and publish catch report to his web page. According to his report, it looks variation of fish here seems better than 6-pipes but popularity of this place is needless to say.

9) Jetty near carpark C1

This is the outlet of small canal near Parkway Parade, and its outlet offers you brackish water as well, as its tip is only location offers water outlet where you have much better chance to have more catch. Local anglers know well the situation and always somebody occupies this tip of small jetty at weekend regardless day and night. You may want to take weekday leave to fish here with peace and joy, as curious onlookers cloud on this small jetty in weekend are rather frustrated.
My past catch.

10) Jetty near carpark B1 and boat storage 'B'

This is the outlet of small canal near ECP Fort Road exit, and its outlet offers you brackish water as well, anglers fish at left side short jetty normally as right side jetty access is pretty difficult unless you dare to take long walk in the grass all the way from ECP Fort Road exit or cross this canal during low tide. Species you may catch are variate but no big catch here as far as I experience.
It is not required to shoot your sinker far away as spots are always near bottom of these jetties but you may avoid trouble if you prepared multiple rigs in advance as this place is prone to hook not fish but earth as far as you aim around the jetties. When you shoot sinker far into the sea, there hooks neither earth nor fish frequently, fishes you may catch by far throwing sinker may be flounder, sand Whiting and stingray but not often. You may enjoy small game with those fishes near jetty bottom. My past catch.

11) Marina South along water break

One of my preferred fishing location with some certain catch is promised always as far as you know how to fish here, or you may go back home empty handed with lost of your sinkers and rigs. You are to check tide table before trip here since few hours each before and after high tide are best timing for your good catches for your day trip. I have tried night fishing previously but no different from other locations, most of fishes you can meet are catfish, other than fish, you meet with mozzy, sandfly, ants, wild dogs, roaches and rats too.

My recent day catch1 and catch2.

12) Labrador Park

You can choose more than one type of spots in this place, as this park provides you multiple choice such as water break, canal outlet in between Sentosa Island and long jetty at right end of this park, so that there is potential to catch big fish, in fact large cobias were cought by local anglers time to time by surf fishing. There should have better chance to catch big fish at night but as local angler said, this place is "not clean" and most of anglers fish here daytime. Personally I have not fish here. If you interest fishing here please find report via search engine as there are not few report you may find.

13) End of Tuas South Ave.8
There should have some fishing spots between Labrador Park and this Tuas South Avenue area. However due to my unfamiliarity and shortage of information, I do not know such spots, in fact there are many commercial and industrial spaces occupies shore line in these area, which means most of shore lines are controlled by government and no public entrance allowed. In fact, Tuas South Avenue area are consider industrial reclaimed land too and fishing is not allowed actually. I used to fish here few years ago and this Ave.8 spot may be closed already for public currently. While my fishing experience here, this was one of my best fishing spots as warmer water discharged from power station that offers water temperature difference and water circulation where microbe generated and many fishes look for the food. Chances of big game here is at night but due to its deserted situation, group fishing recommended. One of my previous catch.
14) End of Tuas South Ave.9
The spot located behind power station away from Ave.8. Like Ave.8 spot, I fished here once few years ago since then, I am not sure current status of this location. At that time, accessing to this spot is only in daylight as police team secured this area at whole night. Potential of this spot is high as its access difficulty, remoteness and severe temperature in fine day. Very few anglers fished here and still not wasted. My only catch.

15) Along with Tuas South Ave.4

I have fished here once but caught a cat fish (Ikan Senbiran) only, given it to local angler who was happy taken it. Water quality here is rather lower than above item 13 & 14 but I found other anglers posted their catch like golden trevally and diamond trevally, fishing from sand beach along with main road.

16) Next to Changi Aviation Park Road entrance.
Back to East Coast northern area, there is minor and hidden spot here. Geographically, this spot looks good as two small canals merged, up and down compact contour of coast line had given you high hope for good catch, tried day and night several times but due to its shallow water you may enjoy only small game with many small cat fishes.
One of my son's previous small
17) Behind Changi Ferry Terminal.
Several years back, there is access to this spot from right side of ferry terminal entrance gate. But since there was renovation at the gate and I did not go this place anymore, I am not sure about access to this location. Somebody who interest to fish here may post CR to Singapore Fishing BBS helping other anglers however it is believed to enter this spot could be prohibited already by the authority too.
18) Changi beach behind car park 7.
One of the most popular spots among local anglers who aim big game of stingray. I did not aim stingray but tried here few times. Catch were small snappers and cat fishes. There was once group of anglers fished next to me at night and caught medium size brown stingray and shouted with joy for a while. You may find some catch report in BBS as well.
One of my previous catches.
19) Changi beach behind car park 6.
Situation is similar or almost same as above car park 7, but personally I did not have chance to fish here, others posted catch report in the web who caught such as garfish, queen fish and cat fishes.
If you have a chance to fish near (right side of) SAF Ferry Terminal and Jetty, you may be a lucky person to catch Diamond
Trevally or Bat Fish at night.
20) Changi beach near car park 4 & 5.
This spot (CP5) is facing CAFHI Jetty and looks promising, however due to its shallowness and wire extension from the jetty, you may loose number of sinkers and rigs if you don't know sinker direction where you have to shoot. There is no wire reached till CP4 location, however you may hook many seaweed than fish at this location. As far as I know, this is small game spot for surf fishing regardless day or night. I fished here twice in day light but catches are small pink eared emperors, small eel tail cat fishes, try pods and small croakers only, no photo available.

21) Changi beach behind car park 1.
This spot locates just next to Tanjong beach along with passenger boat gateway. Current is rather strong, but due to its access convenience, there are many public come this beach to enjoy past time, specially in weekend, you have to be careful to fish here and do not hook humans.

I had a chance to fish here previously to enjoy small game with family. My catch at that time.

Car park 2 & 3 have same situation and not so recommendable for fishing too.

22) Changi Tanjong beach
One of the popular spot, right side of passenger boat gateway. This gateway is led to small fresh water canal at its left in the picture and many anglers had aimed sea bass at night few years back (I am not sure current status). I have fished once at night out of curiosity but what I caught are clubs and cat fishes. However, as this is canal where passenger boats are out and in frequently whole day, there is certain depth of water secured, constant water flow and there should have more food floating in the water for those hungry fishes.

Some of my catch at that time. 
23) Along with Changi Boardwalk (Beach)
Changi Boardwalk is long stretch of tracking pass provides you various fishing situations. This wide but short distance sand beach (left picture) offers you some chance of fishing as well. I had tried once at night and found fast current flow and tide change requires you frequent change of your rod position (quite busy night). I was not so fortunate at that time and just few small cat fishes had played with me.

Other than that, my son's dinner was stolen by the wild cat, there are many wild cats strolling around this area, they hide daytime and come out at night from chalets just next to this beach.
24) Along with Changi Boardwalk (Next to Yacht Club)
This sand beach is just a small opening left side of yacht club offers you good chance of decent size grunter catch. I have tried few times and caught few small size grunters only. When I went back home midnight after fishing, I passed by here and saw one group just caught fish and reeling back. What I saw at the end of line was about 40 cm grunter.

As this spot offers you some small fishing area only and 2 groups are most contain in this place and nearly no chance to fish here at weekend night. If you fish here weekday night, group fishing recommendable as there is nobody pass-by after midnight and very scary.

One of my small catch.
25) Along with Changi Boardwalk (Kelong Walk)
This track is just like a half circle canopy walk projected out to the sea away from small sand beach in front of Changi Beach Club. I believe this spot must be most productive along with this boardwalk and best spots near two shelters are always occupied with anglers in weekend regardless day and night.
Fishes you may catch here are varied such as cat fishes, grunter, snapper, rabbit fish, croaker and others. Current here is fast and strong directing either left to right or right to left therefore make sure no cross line with others and the objects standing in the water near east side shelter.

My previous catch at night fishing.
26) Pasir Ris beach near Loyang River
As we arrived here weekend early in the morning, best spot was occupied by other angler who continued fishing from previous night, it looks more productive at night as those who fished previous night had big eel tail cat fish. We enjoyed fishing here at that time with many tripods, flower clubs and small wrasses.

Best spot could be water break 1 that is just next to Loyang River and who caught above eel tail cat fish had fished here.

My son's catch
27) Pasir Ris beach next to Tampines River
This location is my first fishing spot in Pasir Ris as I did not know where the best spot was at that time. When I had reached this spot in the morning around 9am beach looked promising as Tampinees River outlet current are merged into the sea, mangrove jack trees standing in the sea looked forming shelter for the fishes and seen a grouper swam around the mangrove in shallow water. In fact I caught a Silver Sand Whiting after few casts and continued fishing few hours made me aware water level gone down and water disappeared eventually. How to fish as there is no water, may be just good to catch bait worms.
28) Pasir Ris Sungei Api Api
This location is popular for those night going angler who aim sea bass (so called KBL or Barramundi ) previously, but as its populality, it seems this location already has become cold spot and I am not sure current status, personally I have not tried this place as there was no chance even looking forward it.

29) Punggol Waterbreak left side of Jetty
One of my hot spots and have few good catching memory. By government project called Punggol 21, two canals leading to this beach were blocked some years back having caused some spices such as KBL moved away from this location but still popular to local anglers by  its strong current and deep water. Chances to catch good fishes go to day than night by my personal experience but saw other angler caught nice size snapper at night while my night fishing here had brought me more cat fish than other better spices. There are equally nice sea lane spread at right side of Punggol jetty but the area is fishing prohibited, please take note.
30) Punggol Waterbreak right side of Jetty
There are some anglers fishing there not on the park passage but at the small sand beach under the water-break where non-anglers do not come down most of the time and no cross point with those anglers swinging the rod for fishing. I do not have any catch report there yet.

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